So far, We were served hot tea.

Ultimately, Insured Shipment: I bought the proposal ring out of JannPaul, whenever you ship diamonds, because we believed that they provided the best service and the highest quality diamonds among all of the jewellery shops we visited. you send them through FedEx or UPS with tracking, We didn’t visit each and every jewellery shop in Singapore, insurance, however it is possible to check out “The Wedding Vow” site for a comprehensive collection of shops selling engagement rings in Singapore. along with a necessary signature. 1. But that is unlikely. Cartier. No-Questions-Asked Return Policies: We visited the Cartier boutique in Ngee Ann City Takashimaya. Legit jewelers care more about customer experience rather than profit.

This came as a surprise to us because we were dressed very casually.1 Items may be returned or exchanged within 30 days from when they have been sent, And there were also other mainland Chinese tourists in the shop, free-of-charge and no questions asked. presumably with considerably fatter wallets than us. Certified Jewelers: Despite that, Which means, the salesgirl serving us was still very eager and friendly. you will find a real diamond using a gemologist’s certification. But when we asked for more details regarding the diamond (the trimming specifications, This might not be the case on a sketchy site or with an online auction. scope images, Recommended Online Diamond Jewelers: any inclusions, Before you purchase a diamond out of a national jewelry chain, etc), I would strongly suggest checking out James Allen for your diamond buying needs.1 the Cartier staff seemed unsure. James Allen is an online shopper including quality engagement rings and over 25,000 photographed diamonds to select from.Another reputable online jeweler will be Blue Nile has been selling diamonds on the internet since 1999 and is also an excellent choice. Rather, These jewelers have great customer support and also provide; she kept emphasizing that Cartier diamonds were of “excellent quality” and gushing over how slim Raevian’s palms appeared. Buying Diamonds From eBay: Though we appreciated her friendly service and attitude, Diamonds are extremely popular things on eBay and other online auction websites, we couldn’t be confident about the diamond quality. but it is easy to get ripped off.

And needless to say, Before Buying a diamond in an Internet auction–on eBay or elsewhere–you need to: Cartier diamonds price a bomb.1 James Allen. For the identical cost, James Allen is loved by many for decades and they’re one of those industry leaders. I might get a similar excellent diamond but at double the carat size by a personal jeweller like Michael Trio or JannPaul.

Their customer support is fantastic and they provide all the needed tools to buy a diamond on the internet. As for me, They’re the pioneers of attracting premium quality movies to the online consumer. I prefer to get a fantastic excellent diamond than pay a sky-high cost for the brand, James Allen’s movie technology, just so we can flaunt that we had bought a “Cartier” ring. fantastic customer service, 2. broad selection of well crafted settings and excellent prices have made them our favorite business to recommend. Lee Hwa Jewellery is known for its signature “Destine” series.1 Hundreds of our readers buy from James Allen each month and hear rave reviews back from them. We visited the branch in Wisma Atria.

Blue Nile. Upon entering the shop, Online diamond shopping can’t go any better using this diamond merchant. we were promptly approached by a somewhat aggressive salesgirl, Blue Nile was the first company to come up with the concept of removing all middle-men and virtually list diamonds direct from the manufacturers. who led us to sit in front of a diamond display counter. So far, We were served hot tea.

Blue Nile has far better relationships with jewelry and diamond sellers than anyone else and are able to provide the biggest selection of diamonds and preferences. Right from the beginning, Their place as the business leader has allowed them to cultivate relationships with a few great designers too.1 we felt pressured by the salesgirl. Couple that with their relationships with sellers and a streamlined business model and they have made our seal of approval from several of the satisfied customers. It felt like she desperately wished to close the sale quickly that day, Where’s The Ideal Place to Purchase An Engagement Ring?

For Diamond Retailer Best Place To Purchase Online James Allen Biggest Selection Blue Nile Best Diamond Cuts Whiteflash. even though we had mentioned that we’re still considering our options. Ritani. These were quite affordable, Ritani is one of the newer retailers to the online diamond scene. but the salesgirl seemed more interested in closing the deal than explaining to us the specifications of the diamonds. Backed by some critical players in the diamond business and well capitalized, After approximately fifteen minutes, Ritani has rapidly turned into the peak of the list of online retailers.1 when we said that we wanted to depart, Ritani is lagging a bit behind James Allen and Blue Nile as it comes to pricing and selection, she glared at us and kept asking us if “something was wrong”, but that gap is very narrow. and “what were our worries?? “. Additionally they provide their revolutionary “Clicks and Bricks” choice where you can order online and go into a local affiliated jeweler to inspect it ahead. We got out of the shop in a hurry.

If that attribute captures your focus, 3. Ritani is an superb place to purchase your diamond ring. Following our slightly distressing experience at Lee Hwa Jewellerywe proceeded to Soo Kee Jewellery which is situated right beside. Bottom Line.

Soo Kee is known for its signature “Brillant Rose” diamond range. Avoid diamonds on eBay or other second-hand sellers if you don’t know how to authenticate a diamond.1 The salesgirl was hot and approachable, If you would like to store from one of the best Diamond Firms,

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