The grade of maternity proper care qualities due to the fact knowledgeable of the women in holland

The grade of maternity proper care qualities due to the fact knowledgeable of the women in holland

Maternity care is all proper care about maternity, childbearing as well as the postpartum several months. On Netherlands maternity care is offered from the midwives and you may general practitioners (GPs) for the no. 1 worry and you will midwives and gynecologists into the second care. In order to interpret women’s experience with the grade of maternity proper care, it is important to take into account their ‘care path’, that is: their channel from the proper care system.

In the Netherlands an alternate equipment is made to see the quality of care and attention regarding direction off subscribers. Brand new equipment is named: ‘Consumer High quality Index’ otherwise CQI and is, contained in this a standardized and you will health-related design, tailored to certain medical care products.

When you look at the construction of fabricating good CQI Maternity Worry, research were achieved regarding the care and attention women in holland obtained during pregnancy, childbearing, in addition to postpartum months. Inside paper the quality of maternity care and attention throughout the Netherlands are shown, while the experienced because of the women in the different levels of its care highway.


A sample of 1,248 expecting website subscribers from four insurance companies, along with their due date in early , obtained an excellent postal questionnaire throughout the 3rd trimester of pregnancy (impulse 793). Responders into the very first questionnaire received one minute questionnaire a dozen weeks after, an average of per month after birth (effect 632). Predicated on worry provider and place out-of birth the newest ‘care path’ of people was explained. That have factor research and you may accuracy investigation five substance actions demonstrating the quality of procedures because of the care and attention merchant within some other amount regarding this new worry highway were constructed. Total recommendations connect to 7 different factors of worry, different regarding antenatal care and attention because of the a good midwife otherwise GP to help you proper care related to neonatal evaluation.


41.5 per cent out of respondents remained during the number one proper care through the maternity, work, birth while the postpartum period, choosing care and attention off a good midwife or doctor, 31.3% off respondents offered birth yourself. Nearly all women (58.5%) educated advice from one care and attention seller to some other, we.elizabeth. off number one in order to additional care and attention or contrary, at least once. Just about a couple of % of women got a minumum of one ultrasound scans in pregnancy. The latest mixture steps to the quality of cures in numerous settings and by more proper care business indicated that female, no matter parity, have been most confident in the grade of this new maternity care it received. Quality-of-treatment ratings were highest: an average of step three.75 into a size ranging from step 1 to 4. Full feedback to your an effective 0 – 10 size having top-notch proper care during the antenatal period and you can during the work, beginning plus the postpartum several months was basically high also, normally 8.thirty six.


The latest proper care highway of women in pregnancy care is actually rarely upright forward. The majority of pregnant women turned regarding number one to supplementary worry and you can right back one or more times, during pregnancy otherwise during the labor and you will birth or each other.

The outcome of the high quality methods signify the quality of care and attention since knowledgeable from the lady is higher on worry program. But with reference to the latest proper care throughout work and birth the fresh top-notch proper care ratings is large whenever people see its proper care vendor, once they render beginning home, after they bring beginning when you look at the primary worry whenever he’s assisted by the her midwife.


Maternity proper care in the Netherlands differs from maternity worry during the almost every other places, not only from the apparently raised percentage regarding family births, and also by the independence of the midwife, because the physician, together with construction of your Dutch healthcare program which have a beneficial clear edge anywhere between no. 1 and second worry [1–3]. From the Netherlands individuals with wellness problems or inquiries are essential to see a general practitioner (GP), who can send these to a medical pro, when needed. The fresh new GP, as primary proper care supplier, serves as gatekeeper to have supplementary, expert care and attention. Supplementary proper care, available with medical specialists in medical facilities otherwise clinics, is just obtainable just after suggestion of a first care supplier.

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